Attendees will be introduced not only to the principles of success, but also to mentors and professionals from various industries who can offer expert advice and counsel on how to shape their
businesses. YMS is not just a one-time experience.  It will serve as a starting point for entrepreneurial greatness.  Participants will become honorary members of an exclusive club of trailblazers and moguls

In training the next generation of young millionaires, it is imperative that we model professional and personal excellence. Our team will work hard to provide attendees with a quality experience full of strategic planning and networking to grow their professional circles.  Each city will enjoy a quality experience full of luxury and strategic networking which will grow and activate their professional circles.

The goal of YMS is to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and equip them with the necessary tools to build wealth.  The primary goal leads to the next in that it supports the idea of building generational wealth in minority communities.  The Carter Brothers have created a vision which will elevate both the individual and the culture.

The Young Millionaires Series is open to all interested parties.  Whether attendees are young, young at heart, college educated, non-college educated, from low or high economic backgrounds, military veterans, or second chance offenders, our goal is to maintain diversity and inclusion.  The Carter Brothers will open their treasure chest of strategies and methodology to those who might not otherwise have access to pertinent information to build and sustain lucrative businesses.